My background, history, and interests.

I grew up in New Jersey, and studied electrical and aerospace engineering in Maryland. I’m currently working as a Dynamics & Controls engineer in Texas in support of human spaceflight and space exploration projects. I spend free time exploring nearby parks and trails, writing, and working on open-source software projects.

Technical Interests

Scientific Software

I’m very comfortable writing scientific software. I developed software for space robotics projects as an undergraduate and graduate student (C++), and open-source astrodynamics and robotics analysis tools (Julia). I have recently started maintaining and developing scientific software with Python.

Aerospace Controls

I emphasized applied controls and control theory throughout my undergraduate and graduate coursework. I’m quite familiar with applying linear analysis methods to nonlinear dynamical systems, and most of my graduate course projects related to studying nonlinear analysis methods. As a student, I primarily investigated region of attraction estimation methods, and coherent structure (manifold) dynamics near equilibrium points. I studied flight dynamics relating to atmospheric vehicles, and spacecraft. I found a love for astrodynamics towards the end of my academic career!

Scientific Communication

I will be honing my scientific communication skills over the next few years by writing open source notebooks about technical topics of interest! This process will contibute the growing list of free educational resources, and will help me to grow as a technical communicator. I’ve found that writing (and coding) technical concepts really helps me to solidify my own knowledge. I hope to produce content in forms similar to MIT’s excellent Computational Thinking series!