Stars at Brazos Bend

Viewing stars and nebula at Brazos Bend State Park

Joe(y) Carpinelli


February 4, 2023


I drove one hour south of Houston to Brazos Bend State Park. This park hosts the George Observatory, but I didn’t set up at the observatory. I drove around the back of the observatory to a parking lot next to a lake for fishing. The moon was one night short of the Snow Moon, and it was so bright it hurt to look at through the telescope. I looked at Orion’s Belt, Mairen’s Nebula below Orion, and Sirius.


I’ll clean this up and formalize the format later!

Condition Value
Temperature \(50^\circ\) Fahrenheit
Location Brazos Bend State Park, TX
Time 9 PM
Objects Sirius, Orion’s Belt, Mairen’s Nebula