First Light

First light with the Orion Short Tube (ST) 80 telescope!

Joe(y) Carpinelli


December 26, 2022


I used my ST 80 for the first time! It was freezing out, so I wasn’t out too long. I set the telescope up at the front steps of my childhood home. I them moved the telescope onto the lawn to avoid a streetlight’s ray, and I eventually moved to the edge of the driveway for the same reason. I only looked at Jupiter, and could only successfully view Jupiter with the 25mm and 10mm lenses. My dad helped me set up the telescope mount in its altitude / azimuth configuration, and he helped find Jupiter with the 10mm lens. I don’t think we used the barlow lens with either eyepiece. When using the 3mm eyepiece, all we saw was dark. I think we were just not looking in the right place, but I’m still don’t fully understand why we didn’t see any stars with the 3mm eyepiece. It was a lot of fun! We ultimately saw Jupiter, and two of Jupiter’s moons laid out diagonally from Jupiter’s lower left to upper right. The moons were tiny, but very bright. I remember feeling extremely excited to use the telescope again.


I’ll clean this up and formalize the format later!

Condition Value
Temperature \(20^\circ\) Fahrenheit
Location Lawrence, NJ
Time 9 PM
Objects Jupiter, Two Moons of Jupiter